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Steuerberatung in Berlin-Adlershof
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For our English-Speaking Clients:
After 15 years in my tax consultancy firm I am delighted to announce that I have now found a competent colleague who will allow me to concentrate on the actual job of providing advice to clients.

Attorney-at-law and tax consultant Dr. Schulze will take over responsibility for the business side of my firm beginning June 1, 2019. I will then be able to continue to provide you with tax advice as usual in the framework of an employment relationship with his company. Keeping the location of the office, the employee base and the ability to provide competent advice to our clients is the top priority for both me and Dr. Schulze.

StB Angela Bernsee
Ernst-Augustin-Str. 12, D-12489 Berlin
Tel. 030/67044095
Fax. 030/67044095
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